Denver landscaping water rebates


      In conjunction with what is being called Denver's worst drought on record, Native Landscaping LLC is here to help us make it through...
      As we mentioned previously, decreasing the amount of grass used in our landscapes can drastically reduce water use. In addition, you may want to consider converting some of your sprays to rotary nozzles, which can make you eligible for rebates from Denver Water. (See Below)

Rotary nozzles ($2 rebate per nozzle)

Plus you may want to consider up grading your sprinkler clock to a Weather-based smart controller with rain sensor ($100 rebate).

  • See information and qualifying model list.
  • Limit one per residence.
  • Requires rain sensor and weather-based technology. Must have both to qualify; may need to be purchased separately; qualifying model list applies for controller only.
  • Prices vary depending on the model, brand and vendor.
  • Equipment cost and labor must be separated on receipt.
  • Be aware that smart controllers must not operate between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. In rare conditions, the controllers may operate more than three days a week.
 The native Denver landscape is a high plains desert. 

       We can't stress enough that intelligent irrigation design combined with xeriscaping and native plants will help to preserve the remainder of our precious resource. 

        There has never been a better time to xeriscape your landscape into a locally sustainable ecosystem and help save water. To help here is a month to month watering chart from Denver Water.
         Visit their site for more ideas on water saving inside the home as well.

Denver Landscape water restrictions

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posted: April 11, 2013 - Native Landscaping - Colorado Landscaping - Blog
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